Vale: Bill Pye


Vale: Bill Pye

Today I write with great sadness, to farewell our fellow competitor, Bill Pye, who died earlier this week in a light plane accident in rural NSW.

Ever-present in his ex-Dick Johnson “Greens Tuf” Mustang, Bill was an enthusiastic steerer, literally driving the wheels off the Group A Ford at our Heritage Touring Cars rounds across the country.

Bill demonstrated time and time again across many motorsport pursuits that he was one of the finest amateur motorsport competitors going around, with fearless determination at the ragged edge of his machine’s limits.

On more than one occasion, I watched with fascination as the little green Mustang’s front wheel parted company from its stub axle, sparks flying, with brake disc and attached wheel bouncing merrily off in the distance. These were about the only times I could overtake and finish in front of Billy Pye!

A good man and a wonderful presence in the motorsport community, Bill will be sorely missed by all of us. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Pye family at this most difficult time.

Bill was also a regular Touring Car Masters competitor, and we shall be speaking with TCM management and the ARDC to ensure we commemorate Bill at the upcoming Muscle Car Masters event in September.

Ed Singleton

Below image thanks to Ian Welsh

Bill Pye Greens TUF