Sydney Retro Speedfest Results & Photos

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Sydney Retro Speedfest Results & Photos

We’re back from a thoroughly-enjoyable weekend at Sydney Retro Speedfest, where we contested Round 3 of the 2015 Heritage Touring Car Series. So, let’s take a look at the results and then dive into some photos!

This is the second year in which we’ve joined the ARDC, HSRCA and friends at Sydney Retro Speedfest, and we are very pleased to support this wonderful celebration of historic motorsport. Our Group C and Group A Australian Touring Cars were joined by a large and varied collection of historic racing machinery including everything from Porsche 962s, Formula 1 cars and a BMW M1 Procar to Formula Ford and Formula Vee and the many wonderful sports cars which form such an important part of racing history.

There were some truly thrilling races contested over the weekend, and our own were no exception! Congratulations to the following drivers, who took the honours over the weekend:

Group A

  • A1 winner – Terry Lawlor, Nissan GT-R
  • A2 winner – David Towe BMW M3
  • A3 winner – David Paterson Toyota Corolla Sprinter

Group C

  • C1 winner – Frank Binding Ford Falcon XD
  • C3 winner – Gavin Adamson Isuzu PF60

The progressive points score for the 2015 series has been updated, and is available for download here:

2015 HTC Progressive Point Score [PDF] as at Round 3 – ARDC Sydney Retro Speedfest, June 6 – 7

And now for the photos! Please enjoy this gallery from the weekend, by Seth Reinhardt.