The Legends

Championship Competitors

This page will be updated regularly with details of member cars and drivers.

Class Definition

Each category shall be separated into the classes identified below.

  Group C (1973-1984)   Group A (1985-1992)
  C5   0 to 1300cc   A3   0 to 2000cc
  C4   1301 to 1600cc   A2   2001 to 3000cc
  C3   1601 to 2000cc   A1   over 3001cc
  C2   2001 to 3000cc
  C1   over 3001cc


Note 1: Vehicles fitted with forced induction (ie turbo charging) will be classed as per their resultant capacity, calculated as follows:

Resultant Capacity = Measured Capacity x 1.7

Note 2: Vehicles fitted with rotary engines will be classed as follows:

– 12a rotary bridge port type engines shall compete in the 2001 – 3000cc class
– 13b rotary peripheral port type engines with either carburetion or injection shall compete in the 3000cc and over class