5L V8s and Super Tourers Set to Join the Australian Historic Scene


5L V8s and Super Tourers Set to Join the Australian Historic Scene

Heritage Touring Cars and Motorsport Australia Historic Motorsport Committee have today announced a trial program for early 5L V8 Supercars and 2L Super Tourers to join historic racing events from 2023.

Heritage Touring Cars (HTC) is the representative body for owners and competitors of Group C & A touring cars. HTC organise a national racing series for historic Group C & A race cars and liaises with Motorsport Australia on matters of interest to Group C & A car owners.

Commencing with the 2023 race season, HTC will run its exclusive 3 round national series for Group C & A cars, and in addition will run two combined grid events that will include invited early 5L V8 Supercars and 2L Super Tourers. The goal is to bring these new categories into Motorsport Australia’s 5th Category (Historic Racing) at the end of this trial program.

HTC President Terry Lawlor says “This is the next natural era in Australian touring car motor sport history. These exciting new categories will join Heritage Touring Cars in being “The Legends of Bathurst”. “Early 5L V8s started a new historic era which continues today with the Red vs Blue battles, and 2L Super Tourers brought a bit of European spice to Australian motorsport stage before the dominance of V8s and Supercars as we know today.

Colin Haste, Chair of MAHMC says “We will give HTC all the help we can in relation to the promotion of the trial, liaison with promotors and documentation required. We fully support the initiative taken by the HTC to expand the categories involved”.

This initiative will see benefits all round with promotors seeing a larger and younger grid which will attract a younger demographic to historic racing in Australia. It will also see some great cars come out of the sheds with younger names on them like Larkham, Morris and Jones to name a few. From a competitor’s perspective, they will reap the benefits of HTC’s organised race format at great venues as well as top level driving standards to ensure orderly racing is had with all these cars that have significant historical value.

2023 Calendar dates are:

March 9-12 VHRR Phillip Island VIC

May 13-14 HRCC Morgan Park QLD

June 10-11 HSRCA Sydney Motorsport Park NSW (Combined Grid)

Sept 8-10 ARDC Sydney Motorsport Park NSW

October 27-29 The Bend Classic SA (Combined Grid)

Interested parties are invited to contact HTC President Terry Lawlor via email on terry@heritagetouringcars.com.au or keep updated on the HTC web site www.heritagetouringcars.com.au